Kiara Daniels 2020-11-26

I've had a Nintendo Switch before, but I just replaced it and it came today! No damage was done to the console or any of the accessories inside as I got it out. Feels just as I remember it. I'm sooo excited to be playing Zelda again! The only thing I was unhappy about was that the delivery guy didn't follow instructions I left to knock and ring doorbell. It was also raining and the step he left the packages on were getting wet. So I spent $320 on this just so it could have potentially gotten ruined if I hadn't seen the truck or got a notice it had been delivered. Other than that, I love it!!! Highly recommend!!!

Akilah Dessources 2020-12-21

Our 4-1/2 year old loves it!! We knew she was a little young for it but she needed something to fill a little time during the day. She stays busy doing activities and school type work but she needed some downtime that wasn't just watching TV. This is perfect. Paw Patrol game was perfect for her to start learning how to play video games. Since then, she has graduated to a Yoshi game that has her problem solving. She only spends about 30-45 minutes On it a day, total. We also downloaded some coloring books and puzzle games. She loves those. Highly recommend but watch the screen time.

Kee Smith 2020-12-31

Product came the first day of the projected arrival timeframe which was an exciting surprise! Packaging was USPS in a sturdy USPS box and taped very well with "do not break seal" type packaging tape which I really appreciated. Product came as advertised in Nintendo box, brand new, all main gaming system components and accessories still in plastic wrap and scratch resistant wrap. I'm very very happy with this purchase!! It was purchased as a gift to a family member as a way to help with the stress of all that's going on and I couldn't be happier with my order! Thank you!

Alma Barragan 2020-12-22

I was not a believer. I'm a PlayStation guy...have been since PS1. Finally broke down and scooped up a Switch. This thing is a game changer. I never thought I would WANT to play a game in bed. Now I can't stop. Being able to play on my big screen TV and then continue the game anywhere else is something I never knew I would enjoy doing but it really is amazing. And the amount of exclusive titles seals the deal - Breath of the Wild is one of the best games ever made, Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart are perfect for big groups hanging out.

Mark Hughes 2020-11-29

Nintendo exceeded my expectations with this console, the portability, the quality of the games, the graphics and everything else about it is so great that you wouldn't be able to find any of these things on any other console, I've only played a few hours on Nintendo switch's exclusive games like Mario Odyssey or breath of the wild but even by playing 2 hours with these games you can see how much effort and care went into these games, especially with Mario odyssey.

I can't recommend this console enough.