Michael Paldin 2020-11-22

Wow, Nintendo has again leapfrogged the market, hit a niche like the Wii.

We bought the Wii for the kids (and the parents) 10 years ago. Other than replacing some game discs that stopped working due to overuse the Wii has been the best buy ever.

I believe we have the same winner with the Nintendo Switch. Not only do we have all that we had in the Wii, but we have mobility, versatility and more importantly we have a store and digital content that is buy once and own forever.

Peter Palmer 2020-12-25

I purchased this Switch as a gift but have had one myself for a while. I generally play it in handheld mode but will occasionally use the dock to connect it to the TV. There is a wide range of games available in the eshop as well as physical titles. The battery life is great (generally 6 or so hours depending on the type of game). The Switch has been exactly what I'd expect from a Nintendo console. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.

ramon veliz 2020-12-10

My son absolutely loves his switch! Money well spent. Kids are HARD to entertain these days. I found the switch a great alternative to a number of things he COULD be doing.... drugs, drinking, thuggery. Although at 18 I'm thinking a job might be a good idea. Hard to find work when your skills include; gaming, cuteness, extremely tall, did I mention the gaming? Anyway, at least this keeps him at home, safe and out of trouble.

Kate Duffy 2020-12-03

Exactly as it was described, and it arrived early. It is still overpriced, but it came in a sealed (but slightly beat up box) and everything came in their original packaging.

If you're wondering what it comes with (because I was), it's the console itself, a single set of controllers (joy cons), a controller base for your joycons, the dock for the console so you can play on a TV, an HDMI cable, and a charger.

la cresha pree 2020-11-22

I come from PC and PlayStation gaming. The guys at work all talked about the switch and convinced me to get one. I got to say it's really cool. Great screen and very portable. Games library is not huge, but enough to be worth it. The hardware is not a powerhouse, but it doesn't need to be for these games. I wouldn't play Skyrim on it, or make it my only system, but it is a great addition.