Joe Lammers 2020-11-28

My daughter asked for this as a Christmas gift. It's easy to set up an account and download the games. I preferred this method instead of buying cartridges. For her convenience, I bought a memory card. She uses the device when we travel, have to use waiting rooms, or similar activities. She can also invite a friend to play since each can use a control, or whatever it's called.

Mark Hunter 2020-12-13

Absolute blast of a system. It is a genius design and the games are fun. I love table top mode where I can play Super Smash Brothers with other people or Mario party. It is a 3 in 1. A home console for the TV, a portable gaming device, and mini TV in itself. Not the most powerful console but it is definitely one of my favorites due to its features, comfort, and games.

Naida Nieves 2020-12-12

Got this right before Christmas so our short family vacation during the holiday. I use it at home and away. We've got two extra controllers so the whole family can play together games like Mario Party, Mario Kart and etc. I own several Nintendo game consoles like GameCube and Wii. I think Nintendo's switch is the most incredible system they've ever designed.

Victoria Lo 2020-12-17

This thing is Awesome, its a portable handheld and home console....its so much fun. I am currently playing the legend of Zelda and the graphics are so nice. The controllers are kinda not that great so I recommend also buying an actual controller. Other than that everything else works great, battery life is very good and the quality of the screen is nice.


I got this for my son who is 6. He loves playing it and so do I. The system is amazing in so many ways of using it. Very easy and quick to set up. Easy and quick to switch from TV playing to the Switch console without losing your points in the game. Work great with the internet. The battery life is better than the old version. We really enjoy it.