Paige Crowley 2020-12-23

I dislike the controllers not dislocating , but that's what you get for getting the lite! I love this console and it's great for car trips, especially with games like Pokémon or animal crossing. Can be played all day with little charging, just like a phone. 10/10 product, so worth my money!!

Christina Sircar 2020-12-24

Needed a switch to play new Animal Crossing as my son was using his (to also play AC). The only one I could find was a refurbished lite. Since it was Amazon and I trust them I ordered it. It's perfect! Couldn't find a scratch or mar on it and it works perfectly! Very happy with this purchase.

Nicoletta Masullo 2020-12-13

love this switch lite for the quarantine. i ordered it Thursday night and it came Sunday in the middle of a global pandemic . Amazon staff is kicking butt and taking names later! I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work durning this crazy time .

Michelle Baldwin 2021-01-11

I bought this for my wife. She's played it everyday. She plays Animal Crossing. I asked her what she thinks so far, here's what she said. She likes it, it's cute. The screen is big enough for her. Easy to start, quick loading, only downside is battery life.

Theresa Ray 2020-11-18

Adorable little portable Switch. Vibrant color. Plays offline as well as online. Quickly receives downloads from Nintendo's website. No glitching or lag. Animal Crossing plays beautifully on it. All buttons responsive. Case recommended.