Sandhya Narayanan 2020-12-17

Got it before the price increase. You get what you pay for, if you really feel like you are gonna be using the TV mode then shell out the extra 100 for a regular Switch, otherwise if you are on the move like I am, the Lite is perfect.

Kathyann Creese 2020-12-27

I love this console it is comfortable and very sharp !! be aware there is no slot for ds or 3ds cartridges so hopefully one day Nintendo will release an adapter of some sort like the Super Game Boy other than that it is perfect

Matthew Garvin 2020-12-27

It's a great little handheld version of the Switch. It overall feels a lot more solid than the original, since the joy-cons are built in and can't be detached, for better or worse. Love playing it!

Damone Bluford 2020-11-27

Christmas shopping was so easy with this purchase. Chose the color and the recommended accessories were listed below. All items needed were purchased within 5 minutes. LOVE that kind of shopping!


Love the switch lite so much. It is sturdy, fast and so easy to carry around. I wish the battery life was longer but it still is fantastic! Get one! Great product!!