Janette Cabrera 2020-12-11

I have to say this is a quality kit and I am using most of what came with it. Case is top notch the glass screen protectier is perfect and the back plate cover makes the switch much easier to hold. Can not go wrong for the price! I will say if you own a yellow switch Lite like I do put some paper towel inside the case where the back plate grips lay inside as mine did get some black staining. I wrote to the company and hopefully they correct this. Must have kit if you buy a Switch Lite!

hendy augustine 2021-01-04

I bought a used switch lite specifically for ACNH and by description, this one was to have little signs of usage and to fully work with charger included! The switch is in extremely good condition and only has two or three barely visible scratches. Along with some light marks on the back, but again you can barely see it. I'm buying a skin so it won't matter regardless. Delivery was to be expected on a specific date and it came right on time! So happy with this purchase, thanks so much!

Piyush Jain Goda 2020-12-15

Wonderful system I initially wanted the original switch and still do but I put off buying it because of its price tag and although I was skeptical of buying this switch I bought it anyway just to see what the switch was like and the price tag was a lot more affordable not shure what to expect but when I got it it was so cool to step back into the nintindo platform I got excited about all the games in this thing and I think I might be addicted to this thing I love it

Nicole Alaniz 2020-12-20

I really didnt want to buy a lite because I wanted to buy the regular switch. However, after the high demand for the switches and high prices I decided to go for a switch. The color is absolutely beautiful! I think its the best color out of all the switches! The lite is light and easy to carry. I use it to play animal crossing and I love it! If you don't want to spend as much money on a regular switch make sure you buy a lite! Definitely worth its money value!

Mark Rios Jr. 2020-12-20

The Switch Lite, I could go on for hours about this gaming platform so make this simple. Do you want to play all the great switch games in only handheld? Do you not have the $300 for the regular switch?

Do you not care about having a TV or using one in your home? Do you prefer portability and like the colours, #GreyGang?

Get the Switch Lite, it is definitely worth it. Also invest in a screen protector or a case to keep it well protected.