Rebecca Gonzalez 2021-01-08

With everyone going crazy with quarantine I do have to say the Nintendo switch Lite is definitely something that can help keep you entertained

Tina Oja 2020-12-27

Havn't had a handheld gaming device since the PSP... Loving this. Will update after playing for a few days.

Markita Hassell 2020-11-28

The Switch Lite is slightly smaller than the regular and fits perfectly in my hands (I have smaller hands)! I am also enjoying the vibrance of the colors available. I haven't seen this posted much, but the screen is a touch screen just like the regular switch. This is probably obvious to many, but since I had never had a switch befor this, I didn't know about the touchscreen and figured there might be a couple of people out there in the same boat. The screen is also amazingly clear and doesn't at all seem to be lacking in quality compared to its full-priced version (other than being a bit smaller). I am really happy with this purchase and have been having quite a bit of fun playing the new Nintendo games like Pokemon Sword, Luigi's Mansion, Link's Awakening, etc. I purchased the Switch Lite over the regular Switch because of my love of handheld gaming -- I knew I wasn't going to use the TV hookup at all if I bought the regular. For anyone who feels similar, I would highly recommend the Switch Lite.

Jahaziel Contreras 2021-01-03

This system worked perfect out of box for me. I upgraded my single Nintendo membership to a family membership, because until recently me and my daughter shared one Switch, and added my daughter. I made her Switch my primary Switch, and the Switch lite my nonprimary Switch. Now we are both able to play every game I have purchased through the market without issue.

The only difference I see is this unit is slightly smaller than the regular Switch but not enough to even phase me. I have smaller hands so it actually fits me better than the full sized Switch. Also it can not be docked and used on the television which isn't so much an issue for me either. Also the remotes on side don't come off but I didn't much prefer to do that so it doesn't bother me. Also you do have to have Wi-Fi access to play games downloaded off the market place.

Other than that I think it's a solid system.

Brianna Santiny 2021-01-16

The switch lite was my best purchase of the year (so far). I absolutely love it. I have named mine Henry if you were curious (I'm sure you weren't). I play with the Switch daily and take it to work with me almost always. This has literally changed the way I game. I highly recommend to anyone buying one to invest in a micro SD card with minimum of 128gb as well as the Nintendo online subscription! Also, invest in a nice travel case whether you travel with it or not. Bob Wulff on YouTube also has really good switch and switch lite reviews recommendations ETC so if you aren't sure about purchasing check out his video.