Howard Scott 2021-01-01

I've been waiting since the original Switch's release for a good reason to buy Nintendo's new gaming system. Now that the new Pokemon game is coming out I decided it was time -- just when I had decided on that the Lite was announced and I was delighted! I prefer handheld gaming over tv console which is why I LOVE this new version of the Switch. It's a beautiful thing to hold in your hands. Lightweight and stylish. Battery lasts me about 3 hours when I play games like Breath of the Wild in medium brightness. But it charges in full fairly quickly. Just wished the charging cable was longer.

Charity Thomas 2020-11-30

I have never owned a switch until now. The original switch is truly an amazing console and handheld as one unit. One thing I've noticed from my friends is that they are always having issues with removable controllers. The switch lite is my new favorite because the controllers are built as one with the switch lite. It has the same power as it's bigger brother but makes travel gaming that much easier. I recommend buying a case and screen protector for extra safety. Thanks for your time and never stop gaming.

Patrick Bartz 2020-12-21

So to start off it should be noted that I own the original Switch (which I have loved since the day it came out). Decided to get this one to use as more portable option to bring with me on trips. I did notice that it was quite a bit lighter smaller than the original Switch but, despite this, it maintains a solid feel in the hands. Doesn't feel cheap or flimsy at all. I purchased the Turquoise version and love the color. This is really a great system and I am sure to play it for years to come!

Swonte Reed 2020-11-22

Love it. Needed a new handheld after the Vita and 3DS stopped reviewing true support. I can already tell this thing will become my Vita 2.0. receives all the same indie and Japanese support as the Vita, with the added bonus of having Zelda games and various other Nintendo exclusives. If you want a handheld and aren't interested in the extra features the full Switch has, then this device is definitely worth the money. I also love the yellow color, it's so pretty.

Nawel Benidir 2020-12-26

It is finally here, the switch lite. Games look beautiful on the screen and the speakers are loud enough to hear what is going on. It is also a blast to play DOOM at the doctor's office.

Get one, you'll love it!!!