Crystal Broadus 2020-12-30

I got myself one of these, and my boyfriend one as well! I absolutely love Nintendo products, and I haven't been disappointed by these consoles. They feel great to hold in adult hands, and the buttons are clicky and satisfying. Super intuitive gameplay, and so worth the money! I prefer handheld gaming over TV play, so this was a much better deal for me than the original Switch.

John Jones 2021-01-06

If you're not looking to add another console next to the PS4 this is a perfectly built system. One charger cord and that's it, keep it simple.

Extremely light and comfortable in hands, screen brightness and sound are good, D Pad is a much needed upgrade.

Plus, you can run SNES games off it to through the Nintendo subscription. Don't hesitate you won't be disappointed.

Kelly Brunello 2021-01-11

Everyone is either buying every Switch ever or pricing them so high no one can buy them so finding this was a relief. I've heard people mention "stick drift" with the Lite vs the standard switch, and that often discourages people from getting the Lite but I've had no trouble with mine

Romare Christian 2020-11-19

This Nintendo switch is amazing, it seems to be the perfect size, not to big and not to small, but at the same time, it still fits into your pocket for on the go play. Would 100% recommend purchase whether you already have a Nintendo switch, or this is your first Nintendo switch.

Wendy Hildebrand 2020-11-22

Perfect for those that already own a Nintendo switch and want a dock less switch. I absolutely love the switch lite my Nintendo switch that i keep at home i can sync with the switch lite and continue my game play transferring my save data between the two.