Jose A Lopez 2021-01-13

While I appreciate a conservative deliver estimate in these uncertain times. I was delighted to receive this item so quickly. It was exactly as promised. I am so very very pleased.

Sheila Zwirn 2020-11-17


Jamie Morse 2021-01-13

The Switch Lite is lighter, smaller, sleeker, and generally more comfortable then the Switch is, and it a must-have for anyone who plays exclusively in handheld mode. The device feels more durable too as the controllers aren't separated this time, so it doesn't feel flimsy while you're actually holding it like the Switch does after a while. The buttons and joysticks being white makes it look a lot nicer, the D-pad feels great despite its inaccuracy, and all of the buttons and the joysticks are all "softer" to the touch, All around an improvement to handheld mode which makes this the absolutely optimal handheld experience for video games. I cannot recommend this enough.

Jose Luis Pena 2020-12-10

The Nintendo lite was never meant to port for multiple people onto the Nintendo lite. This was explained well by Nintendo before the launch. I see a lot of complaints about this issue. Always study what your buying. Nintendo won't admit it fully but this will take over the Nintendo 3DS. Also wouldn't be surprised if they start the process of closing the Nintendo DS line. The Switch is a perfect handheld for the future and will go on even after the new Nintendo system comes out in the next 3-5 years.

Malcolm Tullies 2020-12-09

Well I love the product but you cant connect to the tv reasons its the switch lite one and it's not docked and it's like the ps vita which is cool but a lot better than the ps vita so if you guys travel a lot I recommend getting this if you dont travel a lot I recommend the original switch it's really good products man and the cartridges are like the ps vita if you are similar to the vita and you need a micro sd card for the switch if you wanna do other stuff to it.