Danielle Nava 2020-11-28

I love that it is actually NEW. Came sealed, with all the protection on it and even though it took a little time, it was worth it. I wanted to get this color for my sister's birthday but everywhere I went here, they were all sold out. I'm happy that I was able to find this in Coral (which is the one I was looking for) and it was worth the price. My sister loved it!

Susan Teeter 2020-11-22

Were you holding off on buying a switch due to the issues with the size and minor clunkiness of the joycons? This is 100% for you then. The size is perfect, and the weight is believe or not, lighter that a 3DS. The console is strikingly beautiful, and can easily go toe to toe with some of the best looking handhelds ever made. You won't regret your purchase at all.

Ramiro O. Figueroa 2021-01-12

With all consoles sold out everywhere I broke down and took the risk of ordering one off of Amazon. Let me tell you, I don't regret the decision at all. I didn't want a Lite but figured it would be best during this quarantine & I couldn't be more happy with the decision. Came in perfect condition only a few days after I had ordered it. I love it so much.

Danny Gallagher 2020-11-24

Husband really wanted one, even though we've already got a regular switch. He loves This so much that I almost regret buying it for him. He's on it almost 24/7. No matter where he is, it's right there with him. Even when he's not actively playing, it's sitting next to him.

Nice color, feels good in the hands, nothing broken or glitchy yet.

Sreyleakhena CHEA 2020-12-15

If your just are going to use a switch for portable play then this is a good purchase it saves you $100 which you can use on games. The graphics are amazing and are in stunning HD the feel of the console is great it's small but melts right into your hands and the controls feel wonderful they work amazingly on all the games I play.