Aquisha Livingston 2020-12-16

The Gameboy I didn't know I aways wanted. Games play better on the lite than on the original switch. Great battery life, lighter and easier to hold and use. Pickup breath of the wild and say goodbye to your free time.

Linda Harris 2020-11-19

I was so excited to get the color I wanted. The turquoise is absolutely beautiful. The switch works great. I play animal crossing every day. It holds a battery very well and I love that I can co tell the brightness.

Roman Grijalva 2020-12-04

Slim switch without the gimmicks. Only downside is you can't connect this one to the TV. But this version is cheaper so if you have younger kids that will tear them up then you might as well just get this one.

Brenda Mayes 2020-12-22

If you don't have a switch and are looking for a more affordable alternative, then buy it! If you already own a switch, you can probably pass. The system is so well made and feels very durable. I love it!

Meghan Kinsey 2020-12-04

So far no issues. It was a gift for my mom and she loves it. Only complaint is that the screen is small and we wish it connected to a T.V. Will by the Nintendo switch console when they are available.