Kara Schwartz 2021-01-09

The seller I got it from sold it for a bit over the manufacturer's recommended price, but the console came in perfect condition! Nothing was missing, no damage and the console operates as intended.

Martha Bruening 2020-12-27

So happy I purchased this device. It is very lightweight and comfortable to hold while gaming. The color is just beautiful, not too bright but makes me happy to not be standard gray or black.

Miguel Miranda iii 2020-12-29

Loving the colour of my new Switch Lite. Feels great in the hand, really has a nice heft to it. Really looking forward to gaming on the go with some of those great Nintendo exclusives

Rogelio Esparza Gutierrez 2020-12-13

Wow this product stated it would come on Monday and came in today amazing. This was a gift to my friends son she was so happy it came in now. She was so amazed and great full.

Gabriela Arroyo 2020-11-26

My son loves this product. He said it's much lighter than the other switch and his pants are not falling down. The battery lasts so much longer even on higher brightness.