Alex Zhukovsky 2020-12-30

A Nintendo Switch with extended battery life? What's not to love? It's a no-brainer! Nintendo is always at the forefront of console innovation and they didn't miss a beat with the Switch. Want to play a game on your tv like a traditional console? Drop the Switch into the dock and game on in 1080p HD. Need to hit the road? Slide the Switch out of the dock and continue your gaming on the go in brilliant 720p HD. And I haven't even gotten into the built-in option for multiplayer gaming with the removable controllers. Like I said, cutting edge console innovation from Nintendo! Come for the innovative console, stay for the myriad of both cutting edge and nostalgia-inducing first party titles from Nintendo. Not into Mario and Link games? How about the largest library of quality Indie games and old-school games? No matter how you look at it, the Switch is where it's at!

Ann Zitzelsberger 2021-01-02

The Wii and Wii u were cool consoles, but i really only used them to play like mario, or gamecube games on, they were never really used to play "wii games". well the switch completely turns my opinion of nintendo consoles around. I have a gameboy advance, and still play the old pokemon games on it from time to time, but the switch is so much more than that. Its like combining all of the good things about a wii, a gameboy advance, and even an old n64, and packing it all into one box, that can even be taken on the go.

I am super excited to own one, and i cant wait for more switch games to come out, BOTW, lets go eevee, Smash, the upcoming pokemon sword, and mario odyssey are my definite favorites.

Mulu Tefera 2021-01-10

Definitely worth the extra hundred compared to the smaller switch lite.

joycons fit and feel more ergonomic in palm and extra inch in screen is nice.

I tried the switch lite first and the one main point that made me return and spend extra on this is the replacable joycons is buttons wear out. Though is nice that the lite version still allows for the pro controller to be wirelessly connected to it as well as the bigger original (OG) switch. :)

I hope the next switch and switch lite version don't change much, but nintendo please update and allow the USB-C to be the video out on both.

Joshua Sullivan 2020-11-18

The switch is already of my favorite consoles I've ever owned. As an adult-I've been surprised by how much I play it in handheld mode. It's nice to be able to sneak in some gaming time here and there at work when there is some downtime. And I actually find myself playing it in handheld mode pretty often at home when I'm watching football on the weekends. I'm glad I waited until this model with the improved battery life came out. Sometimes, I don't have to put it on the dock to charge for 5 or 6 days, assuming I'm playing 30 minutes here and there. I highly recommend this system.

JILL BRUBAKER 2021-01-01

Fantastic Console! Nintendo truly knows how to design a solid gaming console from the portability of the Switch and being able to play it on the TV. What I love about the Switch is the games are actually full length instead of the shorter and more casual games on the 3DS. The games are expensive but the PS4 and Xbox were too when they first came out. The Switch is still a fairly new console and a lot of great ports are coming to it. I always look out for deals and end up with games for $40. Overall I truly am enjoying the Switch being an owner of a PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.