Mary Jo Meyer 2021-01-05

Wonderful product. There are many minor hiccups that I already knew of before purchasing this product e.g. joycon drift, shakey joycons, hot while docked, online connectivity, dock scratch, etc. However, most of these risks i knew well ahead of time and so I was not bothered by them as most already have a diy fix for them as discovered by the Switch community. Great product, do some research before purchasing one, Nintendo methodology in developing their products can be a little strange at times but the good outweighs the bad with this product.

Joy Randels 2020-12-29

I now have two of these consoles and, if needed, would buy a third. I love my switch so much. It is by far my favorite console. The ease of switching it from the handheld to the tv is flawless. The battery life on the new consoles is much better than the previous model which is great. I gave my old model to my three-year-old who loves playing this console as much as I do! Every morning, the first thing he says when he wakes up is "Can I play my game?" So it really is a great console for all ages! Would buy again and again!!

latrece harden 2020-12-29

Item was in perfect condition when arrived. Shipped faster then expected. Four stars do to no manual, rather easy set up even without documents. I feel I was one of the last buyers at below three hundred dollars. This is the updated unit with extended battery life. No visuable damage at all. Unit runs perfectly, shipping box arrived undamaged, everything package neatly. Unit appeared to be brand new. Just decided to give this five stars, I honestly have no issues with item or seller. Would buy again from seller.

Jeanne Benfield 2021-01-16

Just received it today( one day earlier then was told so that's a plus) took it out and plugged it in. My 8yr old daughter hasn't put it down since. And for all the people wondering and asking it is the newer model with the longer battery life, yes it is the one with the longer battery life so buy it now because no ones selling the new ones just very few and they're going fast

Claudia Bribiesca 2021-01-05

Spent a lot of time looking to find a switch that wasn't overpriced, and after doing lots of refreshing and looking at stock informer sites, I was finally able to purchase one. Is in perfect condition, brand new, and delivered on time! Definitely worth the wait of getting it at standard pricing, now to spend countless hours playing ACNH!